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Dark Fantasy: The Man Who Came Back

The Man Who Came Back is a dark tale of infidelity and murder with a supernatural twist.

It’s the story of a playwright called Philip Blake who discovers his wife Sylvia has been having an affair with the millionaire, Keith Grange. Blake goes and confronts the other man in his wife’s life and he demands that Grange leave Sylvia alone. Grange has no intention of stopping the affair though and he pulls a gun on Blake. He then realizes that if he shoots Blake it will solve a lot of problems. Grange will no longer be the other man, he will be the only man, and he tells Blake that he will get away with it as well because he will plead self-defence, and Sylvia will back him up and say that Blake went to his apartment to kill him.

Blake tells Grange that killing him will not solve anything because he will come back and haunt him, even if he has to fight all of the demons in hell to do so. These are Blake’s last words because Grange shoots him anyway, Sylvia does back him up and Grange gets away with the murder. Blake is as good as his word though and he comes back looking for revenge.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: The Man Who Came Back

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