Dark Fantasy: Debt from the Past

This episode of Dark Fantasy features the vocal talents of the American Actress Jane Wyatt, who stars as Mary Billings, a young lady who is out of work and desperate to find a job.

Things begin to look up for Mary when she sees an ad in a local paper:

“Wanted. Stenographer. If you are an ambitious, talented and reasonably attractive young woman who can use a typewriter, the adding machine, and can write shorthand; apply in person to Mr Gibson, Friday night, after midnight, room 1313, Temple Building.”

After midnight? Mary thinks that is a strange time for an interview, but she can type and use an adding machine and she needs the work so she applies for the job anyway. She gets too, but stepping into the Temple Building is like stepping back in time and although Mary knows that the year is 1942, Mr Gibson is adamant that it is not and he even shows her the date on his newspaper to prove it: April 16, 1912.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: Debt from the Past

(Listen to the Full Episode)

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