Dark Fantasy: Superstition Be Hanged

Superstition Be Hanged is set in a circus.

When a circus trapeze artist, Flyer Samson, introduces a new trick, his fellow trapeze artist, Ruby Brooks, is worried. Samson has been working on the trick for two years, but he missed the bar twice during his last practice session. Ruby’s husband, Barker, is more confident, however, and is sure that Samson has got the hang of it now. Samson is confident as well because he is performing without a net.

Ruby was right to be worried. The trick does go wrong, but the net would not have saved the flyer anyway because he ends up being hanged from the twisted trapeze rope. Perhaps he should have acted on the advice of the circus mystic who predicted that Samson would die by hanging. The only thing that would save him would be if he wore the feather of a baby swan that was spotted with the blood of a dove. Samson scoffed at the mystic’s words, but Ruby and Barker do not think that it is a laughing matter because they share the same birthday as the flyer, and the mystic predicted that they will share the same fate.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: Superstition Be Hanged

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