Dark Fantasy: I Am Your Brother

Stephan Hamblin is dead. His friend Julius Zummek had known him since childhood. As a full grown man Stephan was uniquely intelligent, but when he was a boy he could neither walk nor talk. The best doctors had examined him and they all agreed that he was quite capable of walking and talking, yet he did not. All they could think was that he must be impaired by some kind of mental handicap.

Then one day Julian and Stephan were left alone together. The one boy crawling around on the floor while the other sat reading a book, but when Julian became aware of someone standing behind him he turned around and discovered that it was Stephan. Not only could he walk, but he could also talk and he spoke not with the voice of a nine-year-old child, but that of an adult. Julius was flabbergasted and he asked Stephan why he had never walked or talked before. “I had no occasion to walk because there was no place interesting to which my walking could take me,” Stephan told him. “And as for talking, so far I’ve never found anything interesting to talk about or anyone of enough interest to talk to.” He also admitted that he had the ability to walk and talk from the day that he was born.

From that day on the two were the best of friends and they stayed that way until Stephan’s death. Now Julius is a renowned surgeon and Stephan is just a brain in a jar full of his friend’s special solution, preserved for all time and still very much alive. And if you think that is strange, believe you me; it is nothing when compared to the rest of this odd little tale.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: I Am Your Brother

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