Dark Fantasy: Men Call Me Mad

Although there is a darker side to this story “Men Call Me Mad” is primarily a fantasy story. It’s the tale of a scientist named Charles Terhune who discovers a new world hidden inside a moonbeam. Charles has filmed the miniature world and the beginning of the story finds him showing the film to his two colleagues Dr West and Dr Smith, who are, as you can imagine, rather surprised by their friend’s startling discovery.

Charles’ research has led him to believe that all creation consists of worlds within worlds and he even speculates that their own world may be contained in a much larger world and that world in still another. This is quite an overwhelming idea, but Charles has something much more startling to share with his friends: he has found a way to visit the new world.

Once inside the world inside the moonbeam Charles meets a beautiful princess named Elaina, but he soon learns that her world is doomed. A strange plague is killing her people by the thousand. Worried for his safety, Elaina urges Charles to leave. Instead of leaving Charles decides to stay, finds the cure for the malady, and becomes a hero.

They may be from different worlds, but Charles and Elaina fall in love and he has every intention of making a life with her inside the moonbeam. First, he must return home to settle his affairs in his own world. That’s when his real troubles begin.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: Men Call Me Mad

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