Dark Fantasy: A Delicate Case of Murder

A Delicate Case of Murder begins with a séance. The person conducting the séance is a lady called Laura Winstead. Her husband Harvey is present and makes it clear he is very sceptical of her gifts. However, Frederica Keaton remains open-minded about the whole thing and is flabbergasted when her dead mother materialises in the room, right in front of her eyes. It is an impressive show but Harvey later shows Frederica the secret behind his wife’s power and Frederica is shocked to discover that Laura Winstead is not all that she seems.

Laura is not the only one who has been keeping secrets. Harvey and Frederica have been seeing each other behind Laura’s back and when Harvey asks his wife for a divorce she refuses. She also assures Frederica that although the materialization was a fraud the voice of her mother was not. When Harvey remains unconvinced Laura tells him she has a feeling that, someday soon, she will manage to convince him of her powers and that when she does he will never be able to scoff at her again. Her feeling turns out to be right and nobody lives happily ever after.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: A Delicate Case of Murder

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