Dark Fantasy: The Sea Phantom

The Sea Phantom episode of the Dark Fantasy radio series begins with a seaman finding an intruder in the captain’s cabin. Isaac challenges the man, but when he takes a closer look at the figure he realizes that it is not a man at all. It is a skeleton with bleached white bones, empty eye sockets, and a horrible gaping mouth.

Isaac locks the monster inside the cabin and rushes to fetch the captain, who is loath to believe the seaman’s story. Isaac assures the captain that he will soon see for himself, but when the captain unlocks the door his cabin is empty. He soon sees somebody has been there because there is writing on his slate. The words are written in a style of English that was used over two hundred years ago and the message informs the captain that he must change the course of the ship. The name at the bottom of the board reads Jonathan Strange. It’s a name the captain knows well. Strange used to be captain of a vessel called The Sea Phantom and it was lost at sea in 1718.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: The Sea Phantom

(Listen to the Full Episode)

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