Dark Fantasy: Dead Hands Reaching

Dead Hands Reaching begins by introducing office worker, Alan Blaine. He is busy typing when he hears someone calling his name. When Alan looks up from his work, he finds that he is alone and when the voice persists he begins to fear that he may be losing his mind, but the voice tells Alan that the reason he cannot see him is because he is not of his world. The voice then asks him how much money he is making a week and when Alan tells him that he makes $25 the voice tells him that he is worth more than that. “I know I am,” Alan replies. The voice then urges him to go and talk to his employer and apply for the job of Assistant manager.

Alan applies for the job and gets it. Then, two weeks later, he begins to feel that his girlfriend, Judith, is avoiding him. “Don’t trust her Alan,” the voice warns him. “Don’t trust her; she’s not to be trusted.” And it appears that the voice may be right because when he goes to see Judith, she ushers him out, telling him that she has a previous engagement.

The following day Alan receives a letter. It’s from Judith. She has written to let him know that he has made a fool of himself. She never loved him and only bothered with him because she felt sorry for him. Furthermore she is getting married to a man from South Africa. This proves to be the last straw for Alan, who gets his gun and decides to put a hole in Judith’s heart. The voice tries to talk him out of it, but, Alan does not listen, which is a pity because in this case the voice in his head is not the voice of madness, but the voice of reason.


Dark Fantasy Radio Show: Dead Hands Reaching

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