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Dark Fantasy: The Thing from the Sea

The Thing from the Sea begins in a press room where the reporters are about to run a story about some missing “Hollywood people”. Over a week ago, the cinema star Philip Haywood set sail for New Zealand in his private yacht, The Dolphin. He took with him his actress girlfriend Judith Johnson and her father, who is a movie director. Word has come from New Zealand that the boat is more than two days overdue and federal search parties have been unable to find it. The big question is: what has happened to the trio onboard The Dolphin?

The listener finds out what has become of the trio in the very next scene and finds the trio stranded on a calm sea. There is nothing wrong with the engines onboard the yacht, yet they won’t start. It’s as inexplicable as why they stopped in the first place.

Haywood and Johnson are discussing this mystery when they hear Judy cry out from below decks. Judy-girl has been having a bad dream about a strange sea creature called Lana who tried to force her out of her body and take control. Just moments later the boat begins moving. There is no wind, the engines are dead and there is a strange man at the helm. “That’s no man,” Johnson observes. “It’s some kind of a sea monster.” And indeed it is; with its long narrow, webbed fingers, what else could it be?

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: The Thing from the Sea

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