Dark Fantasy: W Is for Werewolf

W Is for Werewolf was the 13th episode in the Dark Fantasy radio series and it was first broadcast on Friday 13th. The name is a bit of a giveaway and the story is about as predictable as they come but, for those of you who haven’t guessed, it’s a werewolf story.

When Jim Howarth visits his friend Bill Andrews at Cape Howe he discovers Bill no longer lives on the mainland. He’s living on an island instead. Getting to the island involves a short trip on a rowboat, but Bill’s son Johnny is there to do most of the work. Jim has not seen Johnny for a long time and is keen to shake his hand. Johnny is reluctant to shake hands though, but he has such hairy palms it’s not surprising the young man is embarrassed.

Johnny’s hairy palms may be strange, but they are not as strange as his father’s taste in reading matter: Dr Helgion Woodward’s book on Lycanthropy, Henry Joseph McLure’s pamphlet on the disease Lupus Vulgarus, and Guy Ender’s story Werewolf of Paris. Jim cannot imagine what his friend wants with such books, but it’s all pretty obvious. You can listen to the episode on the player below.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: W Is for Werewolf

(Listen to the Full Episode)

(Listen to the Full Episode)

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