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Dark Fantasy: The Thing from the Darkness

“The Thing from the Darkness” is a story about a pilot who is woken up by a late night phone call and asked to fly across the desert to Mantella. He accepts the assignment and is soon on the wing, but never gets to Mantella because he gets caught in a sandstorm and is forced down in Santia.

When he regains consciousness he finds that he has been blinded by the storm, but his lack of sight is the least of his problems. The “white man” is forbidden in Santia. The penalty for entering the territory is death and as soon as the moon is full he is destined be fed to the leopards deep down inside the Pit of Santia. He may not live long enough for that though. A leopard-man is on the loose in Santia and, just to make a bad situation that little bit worse, the blinded airman is also accused of having an illicit rendezvous with the Princess. The poor guy should have stayed in bed.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: The Thing from the Darkness

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