Dark Fantasy: Spawn of the Subhuman

Spawn of the Subhuman begins by introducing Adella and Michael. The young couple has chartered a plane to fly to Mexico. It’s a lovely sunny day, but Adella tells Michael she has a sudden feeling of impending danger, as if an evil shroud is hanging over her. Just at that moment, the weather changes for the worse. This is not the first time Adella has felt this way. She had the exact same feeling five years ago just before her fiancé Stephan Wilder vanished. That had been a lovely day as well, but the weather changed in exactly way and nobody ever saw Stephan again.

Michael does his best to calm Adella’s fears and she eventually falls asleep. When she awakes she feels much better, but after the plane puts down to refuel, Adella notices that they are off course. When Michael knocks on the cabin door he discovers that their original pilot has been replaced and a gorilla is now flying the plane.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: Spawn of the Subhuman

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