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Dark Fantasy: Resolution 1841

Resolution 1841 is one of the more unusual episodes of the Dark Fantasy Radio series. The Date is January 2nd 1942 and Laura Cabot, who has just had a life-changing experience, is sharing her story with the listener.

Her story begins on New Year’s Eve. She and some friends had braved the deep snow and cold North winds to go up to the old Cabot place to see the New Year in. There were four of them altogether: Laura, Ed and Helen Richards, and Ed’s friend Duke Tobac. The Richards have accompanied Laura for the last three years and the journey to the old house has become somewhat of a tradition with them. This time though, they are trying to do a spot of matchmaking between Laura and Duke.

Laura and Duke have hit it off quite well and Duke confides to Ed that he feels that he has met Laura before, but he has no idea where or when. The old Cabot house also seems startlingly familiar to him, even though he knows that has never been there before. When Ed mentions this to his wife, Helen tells him that Laura has said something similar about Duke. It is all rather strange and this is a strange story—not a brilliant story, but certainly a strange story—where the only important resolution was made all the way back in 1841.

Dark Fantasy Radio Show: Resolution 1841

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